Monday, October 16, 2017

sonic lost world, chips are down, Frozen Factory

In Frozen factory 3 simply find any stack of chips, and jump between them and various collision glitches can happen. This is a collision glitch that happens when you jump on top of the middle stack, and between the large stack, you will be stuck in mid air in a ball. Now if you were to simply run between these from the bottom stack you would just go into the fall animation glitch. You can get stuck between the stacks aswell and glitch through them clipping partically into them and if you  get stuck on the ground simply spin dash and it will destroy the stack of chips. This glitch is one of the easiests in the game to preform.

Sonic Lost World, Tropical coast zone ? oob

This is zone ? of tropical coast, well not quite, this is out of bounds glitch within the zone. All you need to do to do this one is simply go into the cannon at the start of the level and hold left & up for a 30 seconds to a minuet and you will end up here, the camera will shoot to you after this time so do not let go until then.

There is no way out of this glitch unless you press start & quit, or timer death.

In this glitch if you hold B followed by the left or right of the screen sonic will slowly roll the opposite side of the screen then shoot over there.

In this glitch you can see how they animated the clouds how ever and see all the seem lines for them, along with where they start fake scrolling in the far background.

sonic lost world, collision balls bug, tropical coast 4

This is normal for games to have collision bugs often this is from oversight of unknown untested issues, but issues like these very well should have been tested. All you needed to do to preform this glitch is simply jump between 2 ball shaped hills and you very well can get stuck between them like this. This was preformed on Tropical Coast 4, but is doable on any place similar. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sonic 3d blast| Fake glitch videos| & Draw order glitch

Various videos on youtube for glitches for sonic 3d blast end up being hoaxes, misleading titles, and quite honestly I am not sure why anyone would even post such content.

Well, besides for them not understanding the definition of a glitch possibly.

But I did also point out what is a glitch and in this case the genesis version has draw order issues which are probably well known about.

As for the travelers dev I was talking about in the video here is his youtube channel:

Sonic 3d Blast | Saturn| Music Loop Glitch

This is the saturn version of Sonic 3d blast, now I triggered this by pause spamming and mashing it, more or less my son got a hold of the controller and mashed the start button on my controller and it caused it to do this.

This is the only glitch I have been able to find in the saturn version thus far, and from what I am finding the saturn version wasn't played all that much and most of the genesis glitches involve flicking the cartitage and yes I did look up glitches for the game after not finding any after trying to break the game several times over and playing 3/4ths the way through.

By The time I uploaded this video and posted this video I am currently on the volcano stages.

I have a feeling there is some with the freezing in the snow levels but I couldn't find any, I am sure there is some collision issues that are triggered outside the scripted freezing event as it seemed a bit buggy but I couldn't find anything worth recording.

I don't believe this glitch is unique to this level, and can happen other ways, and in other levels. For some reason it is not loading the full song properly, it could also be a scratch on my disc.

I feel as if I will have better luck with the genesis version with finding bugs.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sonic Jam | What happens in timed mode with tails

Basically everything continues as normal tails continues holding on to sonic as he follows his node path trail, and then the time runs out, it is rather anti-climatic.

All you need to do to enter timed mode is Hold Start + A with Sonic world selected in the main menu.

Once you enter it you can only leave it via pause menu quit, it will repeat once the time is up because you are not on the demo but the full game.

Sonic Jam| Bosonic |Activate Demo Mode| Glitches

This is the result of left over code in the game to activate a mode no longer in the main game for the demo/beta version of the game to gamers to give a timed experience of the 3d world with almost no interaction with anything other than tails, rings, and springs.

This naturally destroys or doesn't load content which results in this.

Sonic Jam | Bosonic | Collision teleport spots

How to make a early stage collision box in early development for most games is to alter the players positioning, which gives a teleportation like appearance. I have been guilty of this practice too, But it seems like once you hit these spots it just teleport you back in the level and it is possible and my first attempted resulted in just keep endlessly teleporting.

As this is a prototype basically I am not surprised to see this in it but it already has solid collision as well as this kind of collision still left over.

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Sonic Jam |Bosonic| Collision exploit onto movies roof|

This is very easy to actually do, you can actually jump from the other side as well but this exploits a pixel hairline collision box and push.

The video explains it enough but here we are explaining more about this.

These type of exploits are common in games getting somewhere you shouldn't be at by taking advantage of some level designers oversight of multiple collision boxes and using a hair line 1 pixel of a collision box to go somewhere.Sonic jam is no exception to these types of exploits clearly.

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Sonic Jam| Glitching| Sonic World| Trying to break(dance)

Sorry about the audio, was streaming not realizing I had music playing to another source which for some reason nvidia's broadcast software picked up as well.

Any ways besides for that issue with the video,
This glitch is rather easy to do, simply jump onto that tree next to the gallery, and jump on the roof. It is the only roof you can easily get onto of any of the buildings. Once on top of it you will notice the collision mesh of the structure is kinda buggy, and you can trigger these animation bugs. Sorry no secret level select here.

There is many bugs in sonic Jam despite it being so small and you only being able to jump, walk around, and trigger springs.

It is very unfinished and results in bugs, I have done many and very few I was able to re-create easily. I will be posting any I can easily recreate. This is just one of many.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sonic Adventure Dx | Burgerman DIES

This is a simple bug, and this isn't the only way to do it, simply just drop the burgerman in collison blocks with non-solid floors behind it and he will fall through the ground, and even in some solid ground areas he will fall through the ground as his collision is a few pixels above were it should be causing various bugs which many people exploit.

sonic lost world, chips are down, Frozen Factory

In Frozen factory 3 simply find any stack of chips, and jump between them and various collision glitches can happen. This is a colli...