Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sonic Adventure Dx | Burgerman DIES

This is a simple bug, and this isn't the only way to do it, simply just drop the burgerman in collison blocks with non-solid floors behind it and he will fall through the ground, and even in some solid ground areas he will fall through the ground as his collision is a few pixels above were it should be causing various bugs which many people exploit.

Sonic Adventure Dx | Station Square| Tails For ever DIE Glitch

This glitch I did a few times and sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. All you need to do is get a game over in Station Square.  Which involves going outside the map and jumping out of it but not to far.

Once you have done this and you came from the mystic ruins you will fall repeatively dying and getting a game over again and again till you quit.

Sonic Adventure Dx | Big The Cat Fishing Camera Glitch

This glitch is rather common with big the cat, it simply exploits his fish casting camera code which is to set it always behind him to see through walls and behind walls.

This glitch is a minor one barely note worthy but I put it on here anyways,

Simply begin casting near most walls and it will bug out and place the camera behind a wall.

Sonic Adventure Dx | Tails In Emerald Coast

This glitch is rather simple,
First turn on free camera & turn off auto camera.
Next go to the hotel , enter it, then slightly go out side ever so slightly and fly, go up off sight and up a little more then go forward. Land on the backgrounds roof and fly off toward the costline where Emerald coast landing is make sure you do not go into the pool area at all else you will have to restart. And with good like you will end up in Emerald coast But unfortunately you can not access the whole level as the lighthouse transition will teleport you back to the pool area in central square.

Sonic Adventure Dx | Mystic Ruins| Sonic Moutain Climbing

The first time I did this I got over the moutain and fell into nothingness, of course that happened right before I started recording , and I tried doing it again and only was able to climb it half way. there are some hard to hit angles on this moutain that you can spin dash on and this glitch is rather common with moutain like structors in SA1.

All you need to do is spam tap spindash repetitively the faster the better.

Once doing this you can find some out of boundary glitches.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sonic Adventure 2| Character Select Mods

This video really isn't covering any vanilla bugs or exploits but rather it is 2 different mods, found here: http://mm.reimuhakurei.net/?page=sa2mods

These bugs are to be expected with mods, but the randomizer made no attempt to fix any bugs while the character select being rather difficult to use fixes issues with City escape. I tested knuckles later on with character select mod and it worked perfectly.

I found out most exploits within the levels can be found using knuckles/rouge or tails. How ever this isn't how the character select always wants to work, as it uses other characters for eggman/tails mech levels.

First and for most IF you need to know how to install mods I will give a short tutorial here:
Tutorial Please skip this if you know how

1.Download modmanager: http://mm.reimuhakurei.net/sa2mods/SA2ModLoader.7z
2. Extract modmanger to your SA2 folder: ?\steam\steamapps\common\Sonic Adventure 2
3. run modmanager
4. Extract any mods to : ?\steam\SteamApps\common\Sonic Adventure 2\mods
5. refresh list
6. check the checkbox for the mods you want to run
7. click install loader

8. click save & play

9. Enjoy the mods.

PS:I really went unscripted with this one like I usually do, but this one really had no ending point intentions so that is why it kinda just drops out of no where.

PSs: Sorry for lower quality video for than my norm but it had split due to large file size and rather than 2 videos I used microsofts encoder 3 which is old as dirt but still functional(mostly for dead silver light) but works fine for minor editing. I had edited out a long period I had paused the game for and also got it down to 1 video rather than 2 with doing this. But it took a hit to the quality because a 195 min encoding time vs a 20 min encode time.

Most of the videos I use for this site I have been using NVIDIA's GeForce Experience application, and it can automatically share and upload them to youtube cutting down time in more than half and I don't have to worry so much so long as it doesn't split the video files into 2 files then it has a problem, which is what happened here. I really like it but I would really wish it would be able to add intro's, and endings to it to simplify even more, along with on screen water marks, which I probably could do with manycam instead seeing how it automatically pics up on that all the time.

Sonic Adventure 2 | City escape | Gun Truck Glitch

This glitch is very simple to do and has to do with how it hits the player, and the collision of the truck object being 1 way, as soon as it hits any solid wall it breaks the van.

Once done you no longer have to worry about  the truck.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sonic Adventure 2 | City HUUUP

This is a very simple animation bug involving wall & ceiling collision and  all you need to do is jump and hold up at this exact spot and this happens repetitively. It happens because sonic keeps trying to climb up a surface smaller than he can stand on so it just endlessly repeats where he is grabbing the ledge and climbing the ledge so long as you are holding up.

Sonic Adventure 2 | Summersalty spaze

This is a very simple and self explained bug, it happens on any edge pretty much.

Sonic Adventure 2 | Rails solid only on the left side

This is pretty much most rails in the game, they are only solid on 1 side and the other is not, some do weird bugs like teleport to left or right, given that this means this is a collision issue if the rails are near walls this intentionally could be used for further bugs, The rails are very buggy in general in sonic adventure 2 but most have to deal with animation issues.

Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape Uphill Jam

This is a simple bug that has to do with the air & jumping machanics of the boards in sonic adventure 2.

You need to pretty much abuse the fact that the air machanics give you more control over where your character goes and repeat this to go up hills to avoid going down them. So far I have not found any use for this bug.

Sonic Mania Switch: Inverted colors / colours

Did you know the switch has 3 different color modes you can use.(Default RGB, Inverted, and gray Scale).

All you need to do is open up your settings on your home menu, IN SYSTEM SETTINGS scroll down to  "System", and then scroll down to "Change Display Colors", and you can select from Default, Invert Colors, & Grayscale. When playing Sonic Mania all cutscenes that involve a color invert will display normal colors instead of inverted and regular colors will display inverted.

I am actually disappointed in a missed oppertunity to hide easter eggs in plain sight with the inverted colors and special effects and this would be if they were there 1 way to decode them and discover them. I would have done something along those lines and then hid a easter egg within that easter egg possibly with pictures converted to sound waves while those effects are going on and the disrupted video would be a video encrypted in some manor or way displaying the developers and staff members or hidden fan service of some kind, but that is just my kinda crazy I guess.

At any rate it is neat using this and it works with just about any game but it really only effects sonic mania as it uses a color invert effect already so it just turns the colors back to normal when applied.

If you take screenshots of the games how ever the switch will not capture the colors inverted it will go to default no matter what.

Not really a glitch but it does effect the games cutscenes.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Sonic Mania Greenhill: Sonic to knuckles

Standing on these spikes, and jumping down into the pit of death bellow has a different result when hugging the wall. These are the results:

This result is a massive bug, this allows you to go into knuckles green hill zone is, going left results in you falling into it. Warning without tails this area becomes unplayable at all. But with just tails it is just fine.

This is the final result of it all.:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sonic 06 PC Fanmade port

So following this video I should say this is NOT SONIC 06 but a fan made DEMO of sonic 06 so this kinda thing is expected to be buggy, it uses unity game engine which has some collision bugs in its collision system that usually are common easy fixes(I have experience with doing that myself as well).

My son kept hitting me with the shoe It's to be expected.....

Pretty much what I got out of this is the usual animation bugs with unity, a few bugs that were present in sonic 06 ( sonic angling him self with solid objects even weird angles, camera bugs, massive objects poping in out of no where esc) and it was actually better in some ways than the orignal version as in less buggy(not clipping through everything all the damn time esc.)

If the fans continue this, fix some of these issues, get rid of 100% of the story then I'd welcome it. Just leave the game play and leave out all the cut scenes and good.

Seeing how the only way I have played sonic 06 was with my sibling whom I only visit once a year because I don't own the game, which I am sure I can pick up for a meer $15.99 more than likely anywhere after 32 hundred warnings from whom ever is working there. Well this is probably going to be my only post on the game, I could create 300 posts alone on that game showing off bugs everywhere with no effort put into it.

Currently I feel as the game is only priced so high because it is part of a dieing breed, Gamestop has stopped accepting some of these older titles, and Sonic 06 has been around for more than a decade now, the price was at one point $5(the price my brother picked it up for), but now has raisin only because the demand for sonic titles the same thing happened with Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, I got it for $6 and now gamestop wants $14 for it. I do have that so I might cover that but there really are not many bugs. If I can get my hands on a ps3 version of sonic 06 for cheap I will cover that but not deeply as the bugs are more present than any tony hawk game, ever.

Sonic Generations Camera bug

As 2d sonic simply just jump on to the higher platform just befor this section on the lowest level of the glass like structure and the camera will bug out like this, this happens because you hit a trigger to rotate the camera but it rotates it wrong.

Sonic Generations: Bell glitch continued

If you go on the ramps while the camera is bugged from either the Bell camera bug it will either fix it self or it will continue to bug out and eventually you won't be able to see anything but the back of a curved ramp.  Follow the link in order to find out the bell camera bug.

Because it corrects it self it is difficult to replicate as the camera in sonic generations has dozens of bugs.

Sonic Generations: Bell camera glitch

Simply walk back & forth in front of this bell and the ramp area as classic sonic and if you hit the right spot this glitch happens.

This happens quite often with 2d sonic many bugs and glitches and spots in the same area:
Continued Bell glitch.

Sonic Generations Choas Boss battle: Fall through the floor

In sonic generations on the choas boss level simply walk back & forth in this section as 3d sonic and it will bug the camera out and soon after find this exact spot and walk along the edges of the broken concrete and you will fall through it soon.

Sonic Mania Saloon zone: Flying Key press Glitch

Now sonic is in they key in this shot, but the sound is glitching the heck out. All this glitch does is cause sonic to spaze out go through the ground a little bit & have the key notes spaze out.

To do this:

Simply play as sonic + tails in saloon zone

Have tails fly sonic pick him up, and if you don't know how to do this as 1 player simply jump & + up and tails should fly but he doesn't always because his AI is kinda very broken.  Now have sonic jump up & grab on to tails and then fly into the keys that are angled like this and it will spaze out big time, the game may even slow down(switch version does).

And that's it.

Sonic Mania Mirage Saloon Zone: Knuckles Airplane glitch Plus Pallet Swap Prevention glitch

Knuckles goes down with the ship... I mean plane like a boss...

Knuckles is knocked off the plane at the very begining of the level and if you attempt to go to the UFO special stage to get a choas emerald earlier than this event in the zone you will see knuckles back on the plane. When this scripted event happens which it will easily knuckles with go down with the plane.


There is also a color pallet swap glitch that happens in this stage, which is triggered by a event of sonic being in the trigger object when he is on the airplane the first time. To prevent the color pallet to transition all you need to do is two things:

1. Kill as few enemies as possible up to that point,
2. Have sonic jump off the top of the screen at the right time, it is rather difficult to do on purpose ergo I can not provide any screenshots of it as I got it to go 3x and quickly died.

The reason 1 is may cause the trigger to despawn and #2 is my guess to avoid what is left of the trigger if it spawns at all, I avoided it several times but like I said I wasn't able to get a screen shot of it.

Sonic Mania Glitch Studiopolis Zone: You're not suppose to be here glitch

All through out the game there are small glitches like this one where if you go into different paths and loop back to them via flying using sonic +tails you will be able to go into area's you were never suppose to be able to, in this one you can get to it by sonic alone but it is rather difficult this is near the pinball like gameplay part of the 2nd zone, and it has 2 path ways which is easy to go back & forth between even without flying as there is a loop that will shoot you back up this way if you were not moving fast enough with a speed shoes power up but if you fly here instead you will notice the pipe tunnel is not solid and you can climb it like it was a mountain. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sonic Mania Glitch: Sonic Gel Swim Glitch

The Sonic Gel Swim Glitch is done by having enough momentum to swim for a few seconds, How you do this using tails with sonic to grab sonic and drop him from as high as possible, tire tails out in doing it.

After landing in the gel it should shoot gel everywhere and the higher you fall from the better the more broken this gets and the more particles spaze out all over the place of gel, it starts slowing the game down at some point and you will be able to walk through the gel like this for a few seconds before the game corrects itself.
These screenshots were taken on the switch, posted to twitter and reused here.

Sonic Mania Glitch: Random Ceiling Walk-on

In Green Hill Zone Act 2; There is a curved ceiling to the right in this part of the level, you can go on it and walk on it by holding right, the ceiling is very buggy and you will be walking through some background walls on the same layer as the ceiling is, it is very weird.

Looking further you may be able to find more of these, now the reason it is a bug is I don't believe you were suppose to be able to do this here, as you walk through objects you normally wouldn't be able to do so I tried capturing the ramp but because the switch delay the ramp wasn't visible.

There are several other ramps on the same ceiling, NONE of them are solid but this one to the right.

Sonic Mania Glitch: Switch home

Now the reason I am posting my home screen from my switch is a glitch I am not sure if it is just in sonic mania or on the switch in general since I have not seen it in any other game.

This is a bug as it is caused by the fact that only suppose to be using the current screenshot from the home button screenshot image variable. Instead of it being replaced right away there is a delay, a massive delay which results in the old image being used instead of the new. It was impossible to get a screen shot of this.

The switch does this to apply an animated effect ontop of the image layer for transitional purposes to give the illusion of smoothness which often ends up jagged and obvious when bugs like this happen.


Step 1: press the home button,

Step 2: exit the home screen & go back into game

Step 3: Move a little bit

Step 4: press the home button until home comes up(it doesn't always respond correctly and some times takes several attempts to come up).... Now for the first few frames you should see what I am talking about followed by it being replaced, followed by the transition effect. 

Sonic Mania Glitch: Sphere game invisible pause menu *GAME BREAKING*

So in Sonic mania during the special collect the blue sphere stages triggered by check points stars I found a bug in them. All you have to do is lose, and as soon as it fades to black pause before it can trigger the level load event, your pause menu will be entirely invisible and I wasn't able to successfully leave this for a while and when I did it stayed forever black.

This breaks the game and required me to close the software & restart it, now this is fixed with a soft reset but it breaks your current play, and if you are playing no saves mode you are screwed.

I posted this on my twitter(@undeadbobop) as I am playing the Nintendo Switch version and there is no proper way for me to record this.

Sonic boom Glitches: Weird triple Jump Knuckles

I typically do not like posting knuckles Glitches, as they usually always involve his ground pound pause fly glitch like I showed in the last video & post.

But this one isn't one of his flying glitches, it is exploiting a frame in his ground pound after he has hit the ground, you can jump after 2x, his ground pound adds half the height of a single jump so it is similar to a tripple jump which is weird, it is difficult to get at first but is easy after words.

I am posting this nearly 3 years after finding it so it is difficult for me to do again without playing it again. Which I plan on doing soon, this bug may be fixed.

Sonic Boom Glitches: Knuckles adventure into tail's only zone

Knuckles can litterally go anywhere... not big surprise.... He went into tails tutorial area.

Sonic Boom Glitches: tails bounce pad major animation glitch

This glitch I found a little bit after finding the tails bounce pad glitch, and this is more or less a expansion onto it but what the major difference is tails tends to ignore collision boxes rather easy once you go into a scene tails tends to be rather difficult to actually get back in the clipping limitations and will ignore movement restrictions once outside the clipping.

Also once outside the level there are invisible collision boxes & water death trigger boxes and a few will cause animation bugs and rotation which is going on here.

This one did take me hours to find and messed up the camera angle as well.  It is rather difficult to trigger which you can do by getting stuck in one of these invisible clippings and hitting a water death trigger at the same time. Like in the video. Keep in mind I am doing this all off memory so there maybe something I am missing.

Sonic Boom: Hidden Gate

While doing the Tails Bounce pad glitch I found this hidden asset that is clearly unused, it seems to be some kind of either track switch or gate of some kind.

All you need to do to find this is on the train tracks in the open world found in the video:
Use the bounce pad as tails and fly/glide within a few millaseconds after bouncing off of it and go around the clipping, and glide into the mountain  side this looks rather easy to do and is once you get it down.

Sonic Boom Glitch: Tails Bounce pad

This is a old glitch I found back after about a week of sonic boom launching, Basically tails could glitch on most bounce pads with his flying where it would ignore collision boxes and commonly would go around leaks allowing tails to go almost anywhere in tails fly distance from a bounce pad. This allowed for various exploits like this

Site under Construction

This is the first post to this site to tell anyone viewing this during its first few hours that the site is under construction, and the goals of this site is to create a archive of glitches I find in sonic games, Keep in mind with bloggers archive system in nativeness it only separated by tags & dates.

So I will be taking advantage of the tags and categorize by game with tags, if this thing lets me even do that, I plan on altering the standard template heavily like I have with other blogs with blogger I have such as undeadbobop.blogspot.com.

I more than likely will be getting custom domains but NOT provided by google's domain services.  Right now I am using blogger only for it's ease of use and it works with my life situations, where 90% of my time is spent at work, and the rest with my family minus a few minutes of my time.

Now keep in mind I already have some material to work from, and some may be repeats of previous posts I made, some are video footage, some pictures, there is no consistency and there probably won't be as many I can record video footage while others I can not as platform specifics prevent me from IE nintendo switch. I have no HDMI capture card, so all switch materials can only either be recorded via phone, or by snapshot pictures.  I am not taking credit for being the first to find these glitches how ever I will not be reposting any glitches I find from others, meaning I won't be copy pasting from other glitch archives as many have done this to my sites in the past (bgoat specifically loved to copy paste from what I would post),

In the future I may have different needs and I may take my posts literally else were depending on the feedback I receive and weather or not this becomes a thing I post to regularly which is all depended on audience. 

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