Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sonic 06 PC Fanmade port

So following this video I should say this is NOT SONIC 06 but a fan made DEMO of sonic 06 so this kinda thing is expected to be buggy, it uses unity game engine which has some collision bugs in its collision system that usually are common easy fixes(I have experience with doing that myself as well).

My son kept hitting me with the shoe It's to be expected.....

Pretty much what I got out of this is the usual animation bugs with unity, a few bugs that were present in sonic 06 ( sonic angling him self with solid objects even weird angles, camera bugs, massive objects poping in out of no where esc) and it was actually better in some ways than the orignal version as in less buggy(not clipping through everything all the damn time esc.)

If the fans continue this, fix some of these issues, get rid of 100% of the story then I'd welcome it. Just leave the game play and leave out all the cut scenes and good.

Seeing how the only way I have played sonic 06 was with my sibling whom I only visit once a year because I don't own the game, which I am sure I can pick up for a meer $15.99 more than likely anywhere after 32 hundred warnings from whom ever is working there. Well this is probably going to be my only post on the game, I could create 300 posts alone on that game showing off bugs everywhere with no effort put into it.

Currently I feel as the game is only priced so high because it is part of a dieing breed, Gamestop has stopped accepting some of these older titles, and Sonic 06 has been around for more than a decade now, the price was at one point $5(the price my brother picked it up for), but now has raisin only because the demand for sonic titles the same thing happened with Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, I got it for $6 and now gamestop wants $14 for it. I do have that so I might cover that but there really are not many bugs. If I can get my hands on a ps3 version of sonic 06 for cheap I will cover that but not deeply as the bugs are more present than any tony hawk game, ever.

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