Monday, September 11, 2017

Sonic Adventure 2| Character Select Mods

This video really isn't covering any vanilla bugs or exploits but rather it is 2 different mods, found here:

These bugs are to be expected with mods, but the randomizer made no attempt to fix any bugs while the character select being rather difficult to use fixes issues with City escape. I tested knuckles later on with character select mod and it worked perfectly.

I found out most exploits within the levels can be found using knuckles/rouge or tails. How ever this isn't how the character select always wants to work, as it uses other characters for eggman/tails mech levels.

First and for most IF you need to know how to install mods I will give a short tutorial here:
Tutorial Please skip this if you know how

1.Download modmanager:
2. Extract modmanger to your SA2 folder: ?\steam\steamapps\common\Sonic Adventure 2
3. run modmanager
4. Extract any mods to : ?\steam\SteamApps\common\Sonic Adventure 2\mods
5. refresh list
6. check the checkbox for the mods you want to run
7. click install loader

8. click save & play

9. Enjoy the mods.

PS:I really went unscripted with this one like I usually do, but this one really had no ending point intentions so that is why it kinda just drops out of no where.

PSs: Sorry for lower quality video for than my norm but it had split due to large file size and rather than 2 videos I used microsofts encoder 3 which is old as dirt but still functional(mostly for dead silver light) but works fine for minor editing. I had edited out a long period I had paused the game for and also got it down to 1 video rather than 2 with doing this. But it took a hit to the quality because a 195 min encoding time vs a 20 min encode time.

Most of the videos I use for this site I have been using NVIDIA's GeForce Experience application, and it can automatically share and upload them to youtube cutting down time in more than half and I don't have to worry so much so long as it doesn't split the video files into 2 files then it has a problem, which is what happened here. I really like it but I would really wish it would be able to add intro's, and endings to it to simplify even more, along with on screen water marks, which I probably could do with manycam instead seeing how it automatically pics up on that all the time.

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