Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sonic Mania Switch: Inverted colors / colours

Did you know the switch has 3 different color modes you can use.(Default RGB, Inverted, and gray Scale).

All you need to do is open up your settings on your home menu, IN SYSTEM SETTINGS scroll down to  "System", and then scroll down to "Change Display Colors", and you can select from Default, Invert Colors, & Grayscale. When playing Sonic Mania all cutscenes that involve a color invert will display normal colors instead of inverted and regular colors will display inverted.

I am actually disappointed in a missed oppertunity to hide easter eggs in plain sight with the inverted colors and special effects and this would be if they were there 1 way to decode them and discover them. I would have done something along those lines and then hid a easter egg within that easter egg possibly with pictures converted to sound waves while those effects are going on and the disrupted video would be a video encrypted in some manor or way displaying the developers and staff members or hidden fan service of some kind, but that is just my kinda crazy I guess.

At any rate it is neat using this and it works with just about any game but it really only effects sonic mania as it uses a color invert effect already so it just turns the colors back to normal when applied.

If you take screenshots of the games how ever the switch will not capture the colors inverted it will go to default no matter what.

Not really a glitch but it does effect the games cutscenes.

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