Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sonic 3d Blast | Saturn| Music Loop Glitch

This is the saturn version of Sonic 3d blast, now I triggered this by pause spamming and mashing it, more or less my son got a hold of the controller and mashed the start button on my controller and it caused it to do this.

This is the only glitch I have been able to find in the saturn version thus far, and from what I am finding the saturn version wasn't played all that much and most of the genesis glitches involve flicking the cartitage and yes I did look up glitches for the game after not finding any after trying to break the game several times over and playing 3/4ths the way through.

By The time I uploaded this video and posted this video I am currently on the volcano stages.

I have a feeling there is some with the freezing in the snow levels but I couldn't find any, I am sure there is some collision issues that are triggered outside the scripted freezing event as it seemed a bit buggy but I couldn't find anything worth recording.

I don't believe this glitch is unique to this level, and can happen other ways, and in other levels. For some reason it is not loading the full song properly, it could also be a scratch on my disc.

I feel as if I will have better luck with the genesis version with finding bugs.

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