Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sonic Jam| Glitching| Sonic World| Trying to break(dance)

Sorry about the audio, was streaming not realizing I had music playing to another source which for some reason nvidia's broadcast software picked up as well.

Any ways besides for that issue with the video,
This glitch is rather easy to do, simply jump onto that tree next to the gallery, and jump on the roof. It is the only roof you can easily get onto of any of the buildings. Once on top of it you will notice the collision mesh of the structure is kinda buggy, and you can trigger these animation bugs. Sorry no secret level select here.

There is many bugs in sonic Jam despite it being so small and you only being able to jump, walk around, and trigger springs.

It is very unfinished and results in bugs, I have done many and very few I was able to re-create easily. I will be posting any I can easily recreate. This is just one of many.

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