Monday, October 16, 2017

Sonic Lost World, Tropical coast zone ? oob

This is zone ? of tropical coast, well not quite, this is out of bounds glitch within the zone. All you need to do to do this one is simply go into the cannon at the start of the level and hold left & up for a 30 seconds to a minuet and you will end up here, the camera will shoot to you after this time so do not let go until then.

There is no way out of this glitch unless you press start & quit, or timer death.

In this glitch if you hold B followed by the left or right of the screen sonic will slowly roll the opposite side of the screen then shoot over there.

In this glitch you can see how they animated the clouds how ever and see all the seem lines for them, along with where they start fake scrolling in the far background.

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